Kotsu banYumeiho Sei Tai

"Farhast Yumeiho" as a health-giving center,  under the supervision of "Farhad Khalesimoghaddma" is the main and official representative of the "Japan International Yumeiho Center", which is directed under the supervision of "Hisayuki Ozaki". Farhast Yumeiho is the center of Yumeiho rehabilitation (massage) training in Iran and gives the students a valid official certificate (up to 3rd degree), Yumeiho Therapist, from the "Japan International Yumeiho Center" after passing the Yumeiho courses. To check the credibility of the representative of the center, click the link below:

 Japan International Yumeiho Center 

Farhast is someone whose existence is valuable, noble, enthusiastic, and meaningful. However, to be a Farhast is not attained without the integral health of the body and mind. Having been integrality healthy, Yumeiho is one of the impressive and effective methods in this regard.


The art of Yumeiho therapy is the fruit of the creative mind of the Japanese Master Saionji Masayuki. 

Yumeiho was based on rehabilitation manual-therapy of traditional Chinese and Japanese medicine such as Zheng Fa Ti, Tui-Na, An-Ma, Shiatsu, Do In, Seitai-ho.

Master Masayuki, the founder of Yumeiho, spent over 20 years researching the healing methods over which he designed the Yumeiho health-giving manual therapy.

This natural therapy aims to use several practical techniques to correct an individual’s skeletal structure by setting the pelvis in the right position. According to this school of therapy skeletal deviations, such as scoliosis, abnormal Lordosis and abnormal Kyphosis and Spondylosis is the cause of many diseases.

These abnormalities of the skeleton are the cause of many physical ailments, lack of vital energy, and insufficient flow through the body. Yumeiho aims to correct the body’s skeletal structure and eliminates existing stress to facilitate the return of health, vitality, strength, and vigor to the individual.

Yumeiho has 7 orders (DAN) which respectively include the following definition and responsibilities: